Curry, and in particular those brightly coloured spices like turmeric that make it taste so good, is notorious for being one of the toughest stains to remove from clothes.

Turmeric may seem like an unassuming little yellow powder but it’s a menace. Those fine yellow particles, as well as being so brightly coloured, love to embed themselves deep in the fibres of clothes where it’s almost impossible to coax them out. Even worse, it always seems to happen to the kids’ brand new shirts or when the family is out at a restaurant.

We can’t stop your family spilling the odd bit of food, but we can provide a few laundry tips on how to remove turmeric stains from clothes.


Act fast for successful turmeric stain removal

First, the sooner you can start removing the turmeric stain the better. Hard, when the spillage happens at school or in a restaurant, we know, but try to persuade them out of any curry-splattered clothes as soon as they get home. Carefully scoop as much of the spillage off as possible before it has time to soak into the fabric too deeply. This will make it easier to remove the underlying curry stain. Be careful not to spread the stain further as you scoop and try not to rub the stain as this could work it further into the fabric.

Most turmeric stains can also be treated by pouring a little Breeze Liquid directly onto the stain and letting it sit for about 15 minutes before washing the garment as normal. However, if you don’t have your trusty detergent on hand when the accident happens, then you might need another weapon in your turmeric stain-removal armoury.


Lemon juice can help remove turmeric stains

Fresh lemon juice is a mild, natural bleach. Squeeze a little onto the curry stain and leave for about 15 minutes for a simple solution that’s also kind to soft young skin. This is also a good stop-gap if the spillage happens in a restaurant – just ask the waiter or waitress for a slice of lemon and discreetly apply it to the stain to start acting before you can give it a proper wash at home.


Wash clothes with curry stains thoroughly

Follow up any turmeric stain-removal treatments by rinsing well then giving a thorough wash with Breeze following the washing guidelines for the garment. For white items, if possible, dry outdoors in bright sunlight as this will boost the bleaching process.

What are your tips on how to remove curry or turmeric stains from clothes? Share your stain-busting stories with us in the comments below.


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